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A Glimpse About Me

Hello! I'm Shafiul Alam Chowdhury, born and raised in a city which is the third largest city in the country, Khulna. I went to school and college there and after that I moved to Dhaka, the capital of the country.

The first thing I remember what I wanted to be from my childhood is to start my own Business. So, I started some works on that and finally came up with SiteNameBD.com. Except this I own an eCommerce site which is WOWzer. Beside this I like to call myself a blogger, but I don't really blog that much. You may read my general blogs at Shafiul's Blog and my technology blogs on TechBlog. Well, I forgot to mention that I'm the co-founder of TechBlog.

My favourite pass time is reading books and watching movies. And I do love photography as well, so I take photos pretty often, but don't call myself a photographer yet. I like to inspire people, and wanna be a motivational speaker someday.

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Here is list of some of my own sites which I rum for my personal uses and showcase my own works and thoughts

Shafiul's Blog Shafiul's Photography Shafiul @ TechBlog

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